Disabled Widow/Widower Benefits

All too often people who have lost a spouse are left facing serious financial losses in addition to the emotional difficulties ahead of them. The Social Security Administration (SSA) strives to address this problem by offering disability benefits or Social Security Disability Insurance to widows and widowers in need.

Who is Eligible for Disabled Widow/Widower Benefits?

Widows and widowers can apply for disability benefits if they:

  • Are fifty years old or older
  • Suffer from a disability recognized by the SSA
  • Were married to the deceased at the time of death, or if the marriage lasted at least ten years if they were divorced
  • Have not remarried if divorced
  • Earn below a certain amount (The amount varies depending on many factors. For more details, contact an Indianapolis social security attorney.)

Can I Receive Widow/Widower Benefits and Retirement Benefits?

If you are currently eligible for retirement benefits separate from your spouse’s Social Security Insurance, you have a choice between receiving disability or retirement benefits. At the age of 62, you may switch to your retirement benefits plan if it is worth more. You may also stick to your disability benefits plan if that is worth more.

How an Indianapolis Social Security Attorney Can Help

The laws governing disability payments for widows and widowers are very complex. Many individual factors, including your age, income, and disability, will affect the amount of payments that you qualify for. Additionally, applying for disability benefits will require large amounts of paperwork, documentation, and organization.

A disability lawyer can help you organize your case and receive the benefits you deserve. To speak with an experienced Indianapolis widows and widowers benefits lawyer, contact the Hankey Law Office at (317) 634-8565.