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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a very serious condition affecting the brains of its victims. This disorder causes damage to the white matter of the brain, which is responsible for transporting messages from gray matter (where mental processing occurs) to other parts of the body. The symptoms of MS can vary widely depending on the parts of the brain that are being affected.

Multiple sclerosis comes in two basic forms, which describe the course the disease takes:

  • Relapse Forms: This means that symptoms appear suddenly in recurring attacks. In between attacks the symptoms may improve or even vanish, although the neurological damage done is generally permanent.
  • Progressive Forms: This means that the symptoms do not improve without treatment, but only get worse over time. It is possible for a person originally diagnosed with a relapse form of Multiple Sclerosis to later develop a progressive form.

Symptoms of MS

As stated above, multiple sclerosis can cause a wide variety of symptoms, including:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Difficulty moving
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Acute or chronic pain

Applying for Disability Benefits

Living with the symptoms above, and possibly many more health problems, would clearly make it difficult for a person to work on a regular basis. This is why many people suffering from multiple sclerosis should be eligible for Social Security benefits. Unfortunately there can be many obstacles for people seeking help from the Social Security Administration.

Because the many of the potential symptoms of MS closely resemble other disorders, this illness can be difficult to diagnose. There is no definitive test for multiple sclerosis, as doctors have not determined what causes it. Rather, there are a series of tests that eliminate other potential diagnoses.

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