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The term epilepsy actually refers to a classification of disorders, rather than one specific disorder. There are so many different variables that can cause epilepsy, as well as many different symptoms and progressions of the illness, that it cannot really be considered one unified disorder. Currently, about 50 million people around the world suffer from this serious disorder.

In some cases, people with epilepsy may qualify for disability benefits through Social Secuirity. Speak with an Indianapolis Social Security disability lawyer at the Hankey Law Office to learn more.


Everyone with epilepsy suffers from periods of abnormal or excessive brain activity, also known as seizures. Contrary to popular belief, a person who is having a seizure will not necessarily fall down or shake violently. There are many different kinds of seizures with vastly different symptoms.

At best, a seizure will interrupt whatever a person is trying to accomplish. In more serious scenarios it can put a person in serious risk of injury, especially if they are doing something potentially dangerous when they seize. The long-term effects of recurrent seizures can include memory loss, inflammation of the brain, and even dementia.

Treatment of Epilepsy

Medications can help control the symptoms of epilepsy and surgery can be performed in severe cases, but at this time there is no cure. It is a chronic condition in most cases (although there are forms that are specific to certain stages of childhood) and can be difficult to control, even with the best medical care available. In fact, nearly 30% of epileptics cannot fully control their seizures with medication.

Impact on Employment

Clearly a person suffering from this serious condition may not be able to work consistently enough to earn a living wage. The mere risk of a seizure greatly limits a person’s job prospects, and persistent seizures can greatly impact the consistency and quality of a person’s work. For this reason, some people with epilepsy qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

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