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Many people across the globe struggle with diabetes mellitus and their numbers are expected to increase. In 2000, the World Health Organization estimated that 171 million individuals were currently suffering from this disease, and that the number would double by the year 2030. In the US, nearly 20% of people over the age of sixty suffer from diabetes.

Managing Diabetes

Although this disease is not curable, it is manageable. Patient education and willpower are vital to battling this serious disorder. The specific treatment depends on the type of diabetes:

  • Type 1. This is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes. People with this disorder must inject themselves with insulin on a regular basis, in addition to following a strict diet and carefully monitoring their blood sugar levels.
  • Type 2. Although this type is often considered less serious, the consequences can be just a severe if it is not managed properly. Symptoms can often be managed with diet and exercise, but medications may also be needed, especially as the disease progresses with time.

Long Term Complications

People do not always think of diabetes as grounds for Social Security disability benefits. This is because many people with this problem are able to manage it well. However, symptoms are known to become worse with age, and may become more difficult to manage. Additionally, even a diabetic person who is careful about following doctors’ orders can develop health complications, including:

A person who is unable to work due to one or more of these complications may be eligible for Indianapolis disability benefits.

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