Indianapolis Chronic Migraine Headaches Lawyer

Anyone who has ever experienced a migraine headache knows that they are much more than just a nuisance. The pain of chronic migraine headaches can be severely debilitating, making it difficult to work or even complete simple tasks. At the Hankey Law Office, we understand that suffering from chronic migraines can be a scary and difficult experience for you and your family. We are committed to helping you acquire the disability assistance to which you may be entitled.

Qualifying for Assistance

Because migraines can significantly interfere with everyday life, the Social Security Administration has determined that they can be considered a disability if they happen with great severity and frequency. One consideration that the SSA takes into account when evaluating a chronic migraine headaches claim is whether or not the headaches result in “alteration of awareness” for the individual. The SSA considers a claimant to be afflicted with “alteration of awareness” when she or he experiences the following:

  • Sensorial clouding
  • Imprecise thinking
  • Blunting of response
  • Inattentiveness
  • Lack of coherence of ideas

To be considered for assistance, it is important to provide evidence of any and all behavioral changes caused by migraine headaches. The SSA recommends that a family member keep a journal documenting how frequently the headaches occur, including the time of each episode and its intensity. The claimant’s doctor can then use this documentation to determine the severity of the case so that she or he can be evaluated for SSA disability assistance.

How a Social Security Lawyer Can Help

Our social security lawyers understand that a disability can inflict significant hardship upon you and your family. We can work with you to ensure that your disability claim is filed appropriately and in a timely fashion. If you are denied assistance, we can appeal the decision on your behalf and will fight for your right to assistance under the Social Security Disability Act. We are committed to representing your interests and providing you with sound legal counsel and assistance.

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The Indianapolis chronic migraine headaches lawyers of the Hankey Law Office understand the hardship that you are facing and are prepared to help you in your time of need. To speak to an experienced social security disability attorney about filing your claim, please contact our offices today at 317-634-8565.