Indianapolis Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Disability Lawyers

There has been much debate within the medical community about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), mostly regarding its diagnosis and possible causes. One fact, however, is not disputed by any medical professional: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a real disability that significantly impairs its victims.

Symptoms of CFS

Common symptoms associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are:

  • Persistent mental and/or physical exhaustion that does not improve with rest
  • Reduced mental and/or physical stamina
  • Persistent widespread pain, similar to the aching caused by the flu
  • Lightheadedness, “fogginess,” and other neurological symptoms

Difficulties with Seeking Disability Benefits

Naturally, the symptoms of CFS can severely interfere with a person’s life, including his or her ability to work steady hours. Unfortunately, there are usually many obstacles for people with CFS who are applying for disability benefits. These obstacles generally fall into two basic categories:

  • Lack of understanding. Many people outside of the medical profession are not well informed about the nature of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This can result in misguided or even callous attitudes towards those who suffer from this illness.
  • Controversy about diagnosis. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is diagnosed by elimination. That means there is no test that can directly prove it; instead doctors have to eliminate other disorders before arriving at a diagnosis of CFS. This can make the disorder difficult to prove in court.

How an Indianapolis Disability Lawyer Can Help

At the Hankey Law Office, we have the insight and experience necessary to help you with your Indianapolis Chronic Fatigue Syndrome disability claim. Our techniques include:

  • Specially designed questionnaires for your healthcare providers
  • Thorough documentation, including photography
  • Detailed witness statements of how CFS has impacted your life

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