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A breathing disorder is any kind of disability that causes shortness of breath or difficult breathing adequately. Some of the most common breathing disorders that lead people to apply for social security disability benefits are:

  • Asthma. People with this disorder generally develop it in early childhood. It is characterized by inflammation of the lungs’ bronchial tubes, which obstructs air flow. A person whose asthma is not controlled by medication, and who has serious asthma attacks at least six times a year, may qualify for disability benefits.
  • Sleep apnea. This is a chronic condition that causes a person to temporarily stop breathing at random times while sleeping. The main problem this can lead to is lack of sleep that interferes with a person’s daytime productivity. If the lack of sleep is severe enough, a person suffering from sleep apnea may qualify as disabled.
  • Cystic fibrosis. This is a genetic condition that causes mucus to build up in a person’s lungs. Because of the severity of related symptoms and the disease’s high mortality rate, people with this disorder can sometimes qualify for disability benefits even if they have not begun to display severe symptoms yet.

Other Breathing Disorders

Although the conditions described above are among the most common, there are many other disorders that can create difficulty in breathing. Anyone with one of these serious conditions may qualify for disability benefits if he or she is able to demonstrate an inability to adequately support himself or herself because of his or her condition.

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