Indianapolis Bipolar Disorder Lawyer

Bipolar disorder is a serious psychiatric diagnosis that affects about 1% of the US population. It has been the subjects of controversy in the past and will probably continue to be so for some time. Some medical professionals worry that this disorder may be over-diagnosed, or may be a misdiagnosis of an entirely different problem. One fact is not being debated, however: for people who do suffer from bipolar disorder, it can be a debilitating illness.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

People with bipolar disorder can have somewhat different presentations of symptoms. To reflect that, bipolar disorder is divided into two basic categories:

  • Type 1 Bipolar Disorder: A person can be diagnosed with this if he or she has experienced at least one manic or mixed episode. A manic episode is a time of overly intense energy, including rapid thoughts, grandiose behavior, impulsiveness, and insomnia. A mixed episode combines elements of a manic and depressive episode.
  • Type 2. People with this type alternate between manic and depressive episodes. The signs of a depressive episode include feelings of despair or worthlessness, increased lethargy, increased irritability, and sleep disturbances.

There are further distinctions and subtypes of Bipolar disorder. If you think you or a loved one might be suffering from this painful disorder, contact your physician or a psychiatrist right away.

Difficulties with Seeking Disability Benefits for Bipolar Disorder

A person caught between devastating depressive episodes and dangerously impulsive manic episodes may understandably be unable to work steadily for long periods of time. Unfortunately, people with bipolar disorder who seek SSI or SSDI benefits often face many obstacles. The main problem is that there is no conclusive lab test for this illness; a doctor can only recognize and label the symptoms.

How an Indianapolis Disability Benefits Lawyer Can Help

A good lawyer will be able to work with you and your health care providers to build a strong and convincing case for disability benefits. The Indianapolis bipolar disorder attorneys of the Hankey Law Office have the experience and knowledge needed to help you win your case.

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