Social Security Disability Representation

If you are unable to work due to an injury or other kind of disability, or if a loved one has developed a debilitating medical condition, you are most likely facing medical expenses, lost wages, and an uncertain future. Whether a disability is long-term or short-term, it can have a heavy impact on your lifestyle and your finances.

Do You Need Disability Representation?

In these situations, Social Security disability benefits may be very important to you and your family. Claiming these benefits, however, can also be a difficult process. The representation of an experienced Indianapolis disability lawyer can be absolutely essential in helping you fight for the benefits you desperately need and legally deserve.

Types of Disabilities

At the Hankey Law Office, our Indianapolis disability lawyers are ready and eager to protect the rights of people with a variety of disabilities. We work hard to ensure that even people with difficult-to-prove disabilities are awarded the benefits they deserve. We handle cases involving:

What Can an Indianapolis Social Security Disability Lawyer Do?

If you are struggling with the emotional, physical, and financial burdens of a new disability, the support and advice of a well-educated attorney can be invaluable. At the Hankey Law Office, we employ proven and effective techniques to help you successfully argue your disability case:

  • We obtain detailed witness statements about how illness has changed our clients’ lives.
  • We provide specially-designed questionnaires to be completed by your treatment team.
  • We utilize the criteria of Social Security Rulings to ensure that the judge correctly interprets and applies the law.
  • We measure psychological impairments using objective testing.
  • We photograph and document visible deformities.

The Indianapolis disability attorneys of the Hankey Law Office can give you the kind of individualized attention you and your family need. We don’t treat you like a faceless number; instead, we offer you a dedicated, personalized relationship – the kind of relationship that you deserve.

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