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What if your injury or illness is preventing you from working, but is not expected to last as long as a year or lead to death? It can be very difficult to makes ends meet while out of work for even a short time, especially with medical expenses piling up.

Unfortunately, the federal Social Security program is designed for people with long-term, debilitating illnesses. People with short-term disabilities may not be able to file for benefits under either Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income.

State Employees

There is one important exception: if you are an employee of the state of Indiana, you could be eligible for short-term disability benefits for up to five months. If you are a state employee who is facing a serious but short-term disability, Indianapolis social security lawyers Charles D. Hankey and associates can help you with:

Short-Term Disability Insurance

If you are not a state employee, the only way to receive benefits during a limited period of disability is to purchase the insurance yourself. Unfortunately, even owning insurance is not a guarantee of protection. Even people who are insured against short-term disability often find themselves fighting with insurance companies to get the payments they truly need to make ends meet.

If you are having difficulty making an insurance claim related to your short-term disability, an experienced Indianapolis short-term disability lawyer can help.

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