Indianapolis Long Term Disability Repayment Lawyer

Even after a person has successfully completed the process of applying for long term disability benefits through Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), complications can still arise. Sometimes factors will change in people’s lives that reduce the amount of assistance they are eligible for. This can lead to an overpayment in monthly assistance, which can create financial and even legal complications down the road.

How Does Overpayment Happen?

People who receive overpayment in disability benefits are generally not deliberately trying to commit any kind of fraud. They often do not even realize that they are being overpaid if the checks they receive are for the usual amount. Overpayment can easily occur if:

  • The claimant is receiving money from another source, like a private insurance policy
  • The claimant earns money, but assumes it is not enough to report to SSI or SSDI
  • The claimant leaves the country for 30 consecutive days, thus becoming ineligible

What Do I Do if I’m Overpaid?

In most circumstances you will need to send the excess money back to the government. This can be done in installments if you do not have the resources to repay in a lump sum.

If you feel that you have not been overpaid, you can request reconsideration with the assistance of an Indianapolis social security attorney. If you win this your reconsideration, you may keep the amount you have received.

The last option is to file for a repayment waiver. You may attempt this if your overpayment was caused by a mistake on the government’s part and not your own, or if you feel the overpayment amount is not significant enough to be worth repaying.

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