Indianapolis Long-Term Disability Benefits Claims Filing Assistance Lawyers

Whether you are applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), filing for long-term disability benefits can be a complex and frustrating procedure. There is often an overwhelming amount of paperwork to face, as well as interviews, long wait periods, and the fear of being denied. That’s why the Indianapolis disability attorneys at the Hankey Law Office are here to help.

Filing a Long-Term Disability Claim

If you have not filed for SSDI or SSI before, you may be wondering where to even begin. The first thing to understand is the importance of quick action. SSI and SSDI claims can take a very long time to process; the wait period before people hear back can last for months or even years.

Organization is key when applying for long-term disability benefits. The government will expect you to clearly prove that you are disabled, unable to work, and will remain in this condition for at least one year. Documents that can help you prove these facts include:

  • Medical records
  • Testimony from your health care providers
  • Testimony from other medical experts

How an Indianapolis Disability Lawyer Can Help

The majority of initial disability benefits applications are denied, often due to slight mistakes applicants make. At the Hankey Law Office, we are committed to helping our clients avoid these errors and win their claims. Tools we provide include:

  • Our own detailed questionnaires for your doctor to fill out
  • Photographs that will demonstrate the extent of your disability
  • Testimony from friends or family who know the realities of your life

To speak with the committed Indianapolis long-term disability attorneys of the Hankey Law Office call (800) 520-3633 today.