Social Security eligibility screening provided by Allsup

There are 600,000 fatalities of men and women each year in the U.S. due to heart disease, which incidentally is also a major cause of disability according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, PR Web reported.

National Social Security Disability Insurance representation company Allsup said it is imperative that people check their eligibility for social security or veterans’ benefits, especially in regards to heart conditions. In line with this advocacy, Allsup representatives stationed themselves at the Mended Hearts National Conference in Indianapolis on June 20 to give screenings and provide information regarding both SSDI and veterans benefits.

The application process for a disability benefits claim can be tedious and may be drawn out for an extended period. An experienced social security attorney can be beneficial to helping you through the application or appeals process. If you need social security assistance in Indianapolis, contact our attorneys at the Hankey Law Office by dialing (800) 520-3633 to learn more.

Increase in number of Social Security disability beneficiaries halted?

According to The Wall Street Journal,  the steady increase in the number of Americans applying for and obtaining Social Security disability benefits seems to have come to a halt. Since 2004, the number of beneficiaries has increased by 42%. Recently, however, this number has not been growing.

In March 2013, the number of Social Security disability beneficiaries amounted to 10,939,936. Surprisingly, the number of beneficiaries seems to have peaked, with numbers in December 2013 showing 10,988,269 beneficiaries and then 10,981,423 by the time March 2014 rolled in.

The Social Security Disability Insurance program, one of the government’s largest public assistance programs, distributes nearly $140 billion a year to its members.

Budget watchers are predicting that the program’s funds may be depleted by the time 2016 or 2017 comes around.

The process of applying for and claiming Social Security disability benefits is often very complicated. Our experienced team of attorneys at the Hankey Law Office can help guide you through the enrollment process. Call our offices at (317) 634-8565.

SSA should review application decisions of two Social Security judges

Representatives James Paul Lankford (Republican of Oklahoma) and Karen Lorraine Jacqueline Speier (Democrat of California), top-ranking members of the House of Representatives’ committee on health care, believe that the Social Security Administration should review the decisions made by Administrative Law Judges David Daugherty in West Virginia and Charles Bridges in Pennsylvania regarding Social Security benefit applications. According to them, the judges may have approved thousands of bogus or fraudulent disability claims, either intentionally or unintentionally.

The representatives also stated that judges and Social Security employees should be able to look at applicants’ social networking sites to gather information that might be relevant in the disability benefits application process. They believe that the photos and information posted on these sites can reveal the true physical condition of the applicants.

Social Security disability benefits can be the answer to your problems should you find yourself suddenly disabled and unable to work to make a daily living. To get help with the application process in getting these benefits, call (317) 634-8565 today. Our lawyers at the Hankey Law Office have helped many people in Indianapolis successfully navigate the application and appeals process, and may be able to help you.

Man who obtained Social Security benefits by posing as a blind person to serve jail time

Lawrence Popp, 58, of Greendale was charged for fraud after pretending to be blind and collecting around $175,000 in social security disability (SSD) benefits. He will spend one year in federal prison and be subject to numerous fines.

The Social Security Administration and Internal Revenue Service confirmed that Popp wasn’t actually blind after reviewing surveillance footage. Popp had apparently used his disability money to establish businesses and buy expensive products and services.

Despite what Popp claimed, records showed that he was actually able to read printed matter, use his cell phone, and drive various vehicles without any supervision.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Gordon Giampietro, the prosecuting attorney, recommended that Popp be jailed for two years.  However, Popp’s lawyer sought the minimum sentence of probation, pleading that Popp had continuing health problems.

Social security disability insurance provides money for people that are unable to work. Filing for SSD can be complicated. If you live in Indianapolis and are interested in applying for SSD the Hankey Law Office is an excellent resource. Speak with a member of our legal team today by calling (800) 520-3633.




Social Security disability trust fund deficit at $31.49B

The Social Security Disability Trust Fund annual deficit reached $31.49 billion in the fiscal year 2013, with its remaining balance of $100.49 billion expected to be gone by 2016, officials from the Social Security Administration have reported.

Cato Institute budget analyst Tad deHaven said this gradual depletion can be attributed to the increase in recipients, who, despite better medicine and devices available to assist the disabled so they can recover from illnesses much faster, have continued to seek disability benefits. This increase in the recipient rate has slowly eroded the fund.

Earlier in October, it was reported that the number of disability benefit recipients jumped to more than 8.9 million from 7.4 million when President Barack Obama first held office, an increase of 20%.

SSDI benefits were also received by 2 million spouses and children of disabled workers, making the total number of disability benefit recipients 10.9 million.

Our lawyers at the Hankey Law Office in Indianapolis are committed to helping disabled workers apply for Social Security disability benefits. Call our offices today at (317) 634-8565 if you are disabled, unable to work, and in need of financial assistance.

Simplify your life by managing Social Security plans online

Instead of enduring the frigid outdoor temperatures, simplify your life this winter by going online to handle your Social Security business.

When you log on to, you can apply for retirement, disability, spousal, and Medicare benefits.

If you have an existing account, and your personal information has changed, you can update your profile online to guarantee the collection of your monthly benefits. You can also opt to have your Social Security Disability benefits deposited directly to your bank account.

The website also contains detailed descriptions of Social Security benefit plans to help benefit recipients, current or future, further understand which benefits that they are able to receive.

If you are disabled and need assistance filing a disability claim or appealing a denied claim, you could benefit from legal advice. Call (800) 520-3633 if you need help receiving Social Security Disability in Indianapolis. The skilled attorneys of the Hankey Law Office are experienced in recovering benefits for clients.



Faulty system blamed for errors in Social Security disability payments

A large amount of disability benefits that were wrongfully paid by the Social Security Administration to beneficiaries were allegedly caused by the agency’s faulty system, a report from CNN Money showed on Tuesday, October 29.

According to reports, some beneficiaries continued to get payments anywhere from several months to a year even after they already notified the Social Security that they either returned to work or were receiving a large enough income to disqualify them from receiving payments.

The Government Accountability Office has stated that beneficiary reviews have been delayed because of budget limitations and the accumulation of documents filed by baby boomers applying for disability benefits. The excess payments were either made fraudulently or to people who were told they were receiving the payments for other reasons.

Our legal team at the Hankey Law Office helps people in Indianapolis apply for Social Security disability benefits, fight unfair denials, and file appeals. To get help with your claim, call us at 317-634-8565 today.

Social Security raise expected to be lowest in years

A roughly 1.5% increase in Social Security benefit claims, a record low for the second straight year and since its adoption in 1975, is to be expected by millions of its recipients at the beginning of next year.

The cause for the small raise is due to only a slight increase in consumer prices. The Department of Labor has not yet released an inflation report or the current size of the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA). The COLA benefits people of fixed incomes and protects them from rising inflation rates. For an average monthly payment of $1,162, the 1.5% increase will amount to $17.

A small COLA will make it hard for its beneficiaries to plan for unexpected expenses.

Our lawyers at the Hankey Law Office know the frustrations anyone in Indianapolis might be dealing with due to these predictions and other Social Security related issues. We can help you through the process of applying for and/or appealing a benefits claim, so call us at 317-634-8565 today.

$1.3 billion in disability payments accidentally given to working citizens

The Social Security Administration gave $1.3 billion in disability payments to individuals who do not qualify as disabled, according to a recent Government Accountability Office report. The administration improperly paid around 36,000 individuals who are ineligible for the program due to their ability to earn more than $1,000 a month.

The error is thought to be a result of payments related to benefit recipients who worked while also receiving aid. Because of these people collecting disability benefits under false pretenses, people who are truly disabled and in need of the benefits may be shorted because of the administration’s inability to pay.

Unfortunately, many people truly suffering from disabilities may be unfairly denied their claims. If you are in Indiana and have been wrongfully denied benefits by your insurance company, our lawyers at the Hankey Law Office can help you file an appeal. Give us a call today at (317) 634-8565 to discuss your options.

Study estimates delay in Social Security payments if debt ceiling isn’t raised

Based on a study released Tuesday, September 10, a think tank organization foresees a delay in Social Security benefits if Washington does not agree on legislation raising the government’s loan cap. According to the Bipartisan Policy Center’s analysis, with the default date coming on November 5, the U.S. would immediately get behind on its Social Security disability benefits obligations, including military pensions.

U.S. Treasury Department Secretary Jacob Lew says the U.S. will reach its debt limit by mid-October and be left with just $50 billion cash on hand. As a result, the Bipartisan Policy Center’s study estimates that if the government cannot pay its bills in full by Oct. 18, Social Security beneficiaries will have to wait for at least two weeks to get their expected Social Security payments, which would normally be due on November 1.

If you are looking to learn more about filing for Social Security benefits in Indianapolis, get in touch with our legal team at the Hankey Law Office, P.C., by calling 317-634-8565 today. We can explain this complex program to you and potentially help you file a claim.

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