New project helps disabled veterans receive benefits

A new project created by the Social Security Administration and the Department of Defense is in the process of expanding nationwide to help wounded veterans and servicemen receive Social Security disability benefits sooner.

The federal organizations’ plan involves creating a centralized Department of Defense website that can access military medical records from several other department websites so that Social Security can more quickly process disability applications. Officials say this process will improve the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of the disability program.

A pilot program launched in five states yielded promising results. States received military medical records within 72 hours compared to an average of five weeks with paper records.

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Social Security launches new website

Earlier this week the Social Security Administration introduced a new part of their website that allows workers 18 and older to view their Social Security statements online. The new site allows workers view their expected Social Security payout and earnings history.

The Commissioner of Social Security explained that the site will, for the first time, allow people to view expected disability and survivors benefits in order to help people plan for their retirement. One can also compare their retirement benefits they would receive at age 62, which is full retirement age, and at age 70.

To access your personal Social Security statement, you will have to verify your identity before being able to log in at

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Social Security lifespan cut by three years, says trustees

According to an annual report by the Social Security trustees, Social Security’s financial lifespan has been shortened by three years to 2033 due to a slow economy and rising energy prices. Similarly, Medicare is expected to run out in 2024.

Since 2008, a record 5.4 million people have received Social Security disability benefits. A draining Social Security fund could also be trouble for Medicare since disability recipients can apply for Medicare after two years.

In just the first four months of 2012, more than 539,000 people have begun collecting disability benefits. An additional 725,000 have submitted applications. Many people apply for SSDI after their unemployment benefits expire.

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Unemployment rises for people with disabilities

According to a new study by Allsup, unemployment rates have increased by 14.6 percent compared to last quarter for people who suffer from disabilities. This is 74 percent higher than the 8.4 percent unemployment rate for people without disabilities.

In the last quarter of 2011, unemployment among the disabled dropped to 13.2 percent, and likewise, unemployment for the non-disabled dropped to 8.1 percent. The rise of unemployment is believed to correlate to the increase of Social Security Disability filings.

SSDI filings have increased from 660,712 to 724,746 between the last two quarters. In last year alone, 2.9 million people filed for disability assistance. Less than half of those claims have been approved due to an average wait time of 800 days.

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New conditions added to the Compassionate Allowances Program

The Social Security Administration announced earlier this week that 52 new conditions will be added to its Compassionate Allowances Program. The conditions will go into effect this August and mainly concern neurological disorders, cancers, and rare diseases.

The Compassionate Allowances Program was designed in 2008 to quicken the Social Security Disability Insurance approval process by fast-tracking the applications of people whose conditions  clearly qualify them for assistance. The 52 new conditions will increase the list to a total of 165 conditions.

Since its creation, the Compassionate Allowances Program has quickly approved 173,000 people for SSDI. Nearly 61,000 people with debilitating conditions were approved by the program in the last fiscal year alone. For a full list of the new conditions, click here.

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Social Security Administration to cut 5,000 jobs

Due to significant budget cuts, the Social Security Administration will have to cut 5,000 jobs nationwide over the next two years. The reduction of workers will increase the need for people seeking Social Security Disability Insurance to consider hiring a lawyer to file their claim.

Last fiscal year, the agency lost 4,000 employees. This year an additional 3,000 jobs are expected to be cut and 2,000 in 2013. The federal agency is currently having to operate with $400 million less than it had two years ago.

Claimants are expected to be affected by the job cuts because the Social Security Administration will not have time to help people clear up errors on their applications, leading to a claim denial.

Having an expert, such as a lawyer, file your disability claim is the easiest way to make sure your application is approved. It only takes one missing document or error for the administration to deny your claim. Contact the Social Security Disability Insurance lawyers of the Hankey Law Office at (317) 634-8565 if you would like help filing your claim.

Social Security to stop issuing paper checks

Starting on March 1, 2013, beneficiaries will stop receiving paper checks from the Social Security Administration and start receiving their benefits electronically. The U.S. Treasury Department started phasing out paper checks last year to new recipients, but all recipients will make the shift in 2013.

To make the electronic switch, beneficiaries can visit their bank or credit union. There are two options to receive your payments electronically: the money can be directly deposited into a traditional bank or credit union account or it can be deposited onto a payment card.

The switch is estimated to save Social Security about $1 billion over the next decade.

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NC man convicted of Social Security fraud

A Greenville, North Carolina man has been convicted and sentenced to one year and one day in prison for defrauding the Social Security Administration. The 61 year-old man pleaded guilty to converting more than $300,000 worth of Social Security Disability benefits for his own personal use.

The man failed to notify the administration that he was self-employed and managed two businesses while he was still collecting government benefits. He has owned his own trucking company since 1985 and started receiving benefits in 1990. During his 2001 disability review, he again failed to mention he owned a janitorial company since 1991.

People who receive benefits from the Social Security Administration are required to report any changes in disability and ability to work.

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Indianapolis selected as new home for Rolls-Royce plant

Rolls-Royce Corp. has announced that the site for their new plant will be Indianapolis, Indiana.

The plant will be home to the development of banded stators which will be installed in jet engines. These pieces of machinery will go into the Trent XWB, and the AE engines. The location of the plant will be near the Indianapolis International Airport.

The corporation hopes to open up 100 jobs to the public by 2014 based on the construction of this plant. The plant is set to cost $42 million.

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Washington family defrauds SSA of $350,000

For more than 30 years, a family of four residing in Washington has been defrauding the Social Security Administration. They have been falsely claiming Social Security disability benefits for injuries and handicaps that they do not truly have.

During the 30 years, the family illegally obtained $350,000 from the SSA, as well as the state of Washington. Their scheme involved filing for disability benefits under false Social Security numbers, claiming that someone in the family needed constant care and attention for their disabilities. The family, a mother, father, and two children, continued to work as normal employees throughout this time.

Once the children grew up, they began to obtain these disability checks as well. All four of the family members have pleaded guilty to Social Security disability fraud. They will be sentenced in June of this year.

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