Indianapolis selected as new home for Rolls-Royce plant

Rolls-Royce Corp. has announced that the site for their new plant will be Indianapolis, Indiana.

The plant will be home to the development of banded stators which will be installed in jet engines. These pieces of machinery will go into the Trent XWB, and the AE engines. The location of the plant will be near the Indianapolis International Airport.

The corporation hopes to open up 100 jobs to the public by 2014 based on the construction of this plant. The plant is set to cost $42 million.

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Washington family defrauds SSA of $350,000

For more than 30 years, a family of four residing in Washington has been defrauding the Social Security Administration. They have been falsely claiming Social Security disability benefits for injuries and handicaps that they do not truly have.

During the 30 years, the family illegally obtained $350,000 from the SSA, as well as the state of Washington. Their scheme involved filing for disability benefits under false Social Security numbers, claiming that someone in the family needed constant care and attention for their disabilities. The family, a mother, father, and two children, continued to work as normal employees throughout this time.

Once the children grew up, they began to obtain these disability checks as well. All four of the family members have pleaded guilty to Social Security disability fraud. They will be sentenced in June of this year.

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Iowa man receives prison sentence for disability fraud

A 43-year-old Clinton man will spend the next two months behind bars for defrauding the Social Security Administration, SSA, of disability benefits.

According to the SSA, the man reported his salary as less than it actually was in order to continue receiving disability payments. He put the rest of the income he was earning under his wife’s name and Social Security number. He continued with this scheme for seven years, and obtained $142,949 illegally.

On top of the two month prison sentence, the man was ordered to pay the entire amount back in restitution money. On his release from prison, he will spend the next year being supervised.

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