Crane explosion injures employees

Five employees were injured after a pyrotechnic facility inside a southern Indiana naval base accidentally exploded on March 28.

A Spokesman for Crane Army Ammunition Activity, Tom Peske, said five employees were injured after an explosion occurred around 5 p.m. during a routine operation clean-up inside Crane naval base, 85 miles southwest of Indianapolis. The pyrotechnic facility, according to Peske, produced illumination mortars used to provide light to soldiers in the military. The injured employees were examined and treated in the hospital, and then were later released.

The pyrotechnic facility was temporarily closed while Crane investigated the cause of the explosion accident.

Unfortunately, an explosion like this can easily cause people to suffer from disabilities that can affect them for a long period of time, leading to significant financial strain. If this has happened to you, call (317) 634-8565 to speak with a lawyer from the Hankey Law Office, P.C., about the possible legal options available to you.

Injured Homan Lumber employee continues recovery

A lumber employee who was recently injured at his workplace continues to make progress and recover, according to his relatives.

49-year-old Tommy Woods of Elkhart was taken to the IU Health Methodist Hospital on February 15 when a piece of wood flew into his face after the safety guards of the machine he was using malfunctioned. Woods reportedly sustained several broken bones in his face, including a cheekbone, nose, and jaw. His sister said Tommy could still lose his hearing and is still in need of a feeding tube to eat. These injuries have seriously affected the family, according to his sister, and costs will continue to grow with continued care and therapy.

The family has currently set up a bank account and a Facebook page for those who want to make a donation for Tommy’s medical bills.

Sustaining serious injuries, such as the one Woods has suffered from, can cause both long and short term disabilities. In these situations, you may be able to collect disability benefits that can substantially help with your finances. To understand your legal options in these situations, speak with a lawyer from the Hankey Law Office, P.C., by calling (317) 634-8565.

Social Security disability fund to run out in four years

According to the Washington Post, the Social Security disability fund is expected to run out by 2016. About 77 million Baby Boomers are at or reaching retirement age, which is also the age when people are most likely to become disabled.

This, coupled with the struggling economy, has forced many to seek disability benefits when unemployment benefits run out. About 23 percent of all Americans receive Social Security disability and application rates are steadily increasing.

On average, recipients get $1,111 a month. Last year, $132 billion was spent on Social Security, more than all of the annual budgets for Labor, Interior, Commerce, Agriculture, Justice, and Homeland Security combined.

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