Monumental changes the only salvation for SSDI

Big reforms need to be implemented in order for the Social Security Disability Insurance program to avoid becoming insolvent by 2016, Cornell professor Richard Burkhauser told the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance at a hearing, the Cornell Chronicle reported on July 25.

According to Burkhauser, the beneficiaries of the program have risen by nearly sixfold to 8.8 million in 2012 from 1.5 million in the 1970s, while inflation-adjusted SSDI expenditures have reached $137 billion in 2012 from $20 billion.

After the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 was passed, disabled people became more dependent on SSDI payments to compensate for actual wages, although these payments were originally intended as a necessary supplement to earned wages.

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Social Security eligibility screening provided by Allsup

There are 600,000 fatalities of men and women each year in the U.S. due to heart disease, which incidentally is also a major cause of disability according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, PR Web reported.

National Social Security Disability Insurance representation company Allsup said it is imperative that people check their eligibility for social security or veterans’ benefits, especially in regards to heart conditions. In line with this advocacy, Allsup representatives stationed themselves at the Mended Hearts National Conference in Indianapolis on June 20 to give screenings and provide information regarding both SSDI and veterans benefits.

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Social Security judges easily approved benefits

Four administrative law judges in charge of approving Social Security claims are scheduled to testify on June 10 before the House Oversight Committee over allegations that they rubber-stamped disability benefit claims, effectively approving millions of dollars in benefits for claims that were not properly evaluated, the Indiana Gazette reported.

According to the report, the high approval rates are indicative of the judges’ failure to follow proper protocol when it comes to reviewing claims or conducting insightful and unbiased hearings.

Those who will be evaluated are Judge Gerald Krafsur of Kingsport, Tennessee, whose cases lead to almost $1.8 million in benefits; Judge Harry Taylor of Charleston, West Virginia, who approved 94% of the cases he decided; Judge Charles Bridges of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; and Judge James Burke of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Number of people receiving disability benefits hits new peak

According to data recently released by the Social Security Administration, the number of Americans receiving disability benefits has increased to 10,996,447 in April of this year from 10,981,423 in March, reported on May 20.

The current number is still higher than the entire populations of Greece, Tunisia, and Portugal. The next population overtaken will be Cuba at 11,047,251, data from the CIA World Factbook showed.

The people who benefited was comprised of 8,942,232 disabled workers; 153,475 spouses of disabled workers insured in the program; and 1,900,740 children of disabled workers. Among those individual categories, none broke records for the month. However, their combined number is the highest ever amount of recipients in the disability program since its inception.

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‘Compassionate allowances’ speed up Social Security disability application process

An SSA program called “compassionate allowances” puts those who suffer from certain conditions on the application fast track for benefits, the Chicago Tribune reported on May 14.

The SSA’s program will ensure that people suffering from certain disabilities, including various cancers and heart diseases, will gain priority status when it comes to the review of their application. As of December 2013, the average monthly benefit was $1,146. The program apparently began in 2008 to serve as a way for those who needed it most to receive benefits from the government, but it remains unknown to a lot of people. The list of eligible conditions numbers 225, but this number will only increase.

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Social Security to pause collection of tax refunds for outstanding debt

A Social Security Administration practice of collecting Social Security recipients’ tax refunds to recoup outstanding overpayments, many of which are as old as a decade, will cease according to the acting commissioner of the agency.

Social Security recipients and members of both the Senate and the House of Representatives informed the SSA of their complaints that people were being forced to repay the overpayments made by the agency decades ago, often to their parents or to older relatives.

The SSA has been able to identify around 400,000 people who still have existing debts due to old overpayments, with the total amount outstanding to the SSA totaling at $714 million.

The SSA was able to withhold debtors’ tax refunds through a 2008 amendment in the law that allows the agency, through the Treasury, to collect on debts that are more than 10 years old. Previously, there had been a 10-year limit on carrying out the tenets of the program.

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White House budget plan to impact Social Security benefits

A portion of President Barack Obama’s budget proposal for 2015 is aimed at impacting Social Security benefits claiming strategies.

According to a sentence on the 150th page of the 214-page long, $3.9-trillion budget proposal released on Tuesday, March 4, “the budget proposes to eliminate aggressive Social Security-claiming strategies which allow upper-income beneficiaries to manipulate the timing of collection of Social Security benefits in order to maximize delayed retirement credits.”

The proposal could be the bane of advisers who use certain strategies to get the best possible retirement income plans for their clients, if it gets passed by Congress. Currently, people are able to game the system, especially married couples, by using such tactics as delaying their receipt of benefits, “doubling up,” or claiming benefits then repaying them to get a better rate.

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Veterans’ disability benefits applications to be processed faster

The Social Security Administration announced on Wednesday, February 19 that veterans with a U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs disability compensation rating of 100% Permanent and Total disability will be eligible to have their disability benefits claims processed more quickly beginning in March.

SSA officials have promised that veteran applications will be prioritized and that these applications will be subjected to faster assessment, in much the same way as the SSA processes disability claims from Wounded Warriors, a veterans service organization.

Acting Commissioner of Social Security Carolyn Colvin said “timely access to disability benefits” should be one of the perks that veterans that served the country should enjoy.

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Social Security disability benefits scammer sentenced to 16 months probation

Thirty-six-year-old Gary, Indiana resident Lakita Lee will be serving 16 months of probation after admitting her guilt to theft of governmental property in federal court in connection with a Social Security benefits scam, records from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Indiana showed.

Aside from being sentenced to 16 months of probation – 10 of which will be home detention – Lee was given a restitution fee of $32,608 and was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine.

Lee was a Social Security representative payee for someone named Marva Davis. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, “Lee did not report to Social Security that Davis had died and continued to complete paperwork, signed under oath, stating that she was using the disability benefit funds for the benefit of Davis; instead, Lee was using the funds for her own benefit.”

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False Social Security claims cause problems for program, according to House probe

House investigators recently stated that many disability claims that may not be legitimate have been approved by the Social Security agency, in addition to stating that follow-up reviews to monitor claimants are often not being completed. Many representatives believe that it is due to these problems and other factors that the Social Security Disability program is close to reaching insolvency.

In a letter submitted by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, investigators stated that people continue to receive federal disability claims even though they are not entitled to the assistance any longer. But a spokesperson for the agency said the legal definition of disability is being followed strictly before they award any benefits.However, the agency did acknowledge that there are over 1 million claim reviews that need to be completed, something which hasn’t been done due to alleged budget cuts.

Almost 11 million individuals with disabilities currently receive disability benefits from Social Security, providing disabled workers with a monthly average of $1,130.

Many Indianapolis residents with legitimate disabilities are in need of financial assistance. Our legal team at the Hankey Law Office, P.C., may be able to help you if you are need of such benefits, so get in touch at 317-634-8565 today to discuss filing a claim.

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