Gun advocates want Trump to do away with SS role in background checks

Gun rights advocates asked President Donald Trump to do away with a new Social Security rule that seeks to make it more difficult for Social Security recipients to possess a firearm.

In December 2016, the Social Security Administration finalized a new directive saying the agency would provide data to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System on Social Security disability recipients and Supplemental Security income beneficiaries if they were deemed “mental defectives,” or unable to think legally for themselves.

Their move coincided with the mounting disapproval for a similar program at the Department of Veteran Affairs. According to a 2012 Congressional Research Service report, 99.3% of all names that were submitted as “mental defectives” came from the VA. Gun Owners of America Executive Director Erich Pratt said “Now it will be the same premise with Social Security if grandpa has trouble paying the bills.”

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