Credit debt difficult for someone with disability benefits

Many people agree it’s very challenging to live on $1,200 per month, but this is the amount that 9 million people in the United States are receiving as Social Security disability beneficiaries. The amount may be fine as additional pay for a person with other means of obtaining money, but often these benefits are the only source of income of a disabled person.

Some disabled people decide to augment their spending money with financing they get from using credit cards. While this idea can have positive outcomes, over time it is problematic because people often do not even have enough to pay for basic necessities.

If you suddenly become disabled and find yourself incapable of holding down a job to earn money for your living expenses, applying for Social Security disability benefits may help you support your family’s finances. Get in touch with our attorneys at the Hankey Law Office by calling our Indianapolis offices at (317) 634-8565 or (800) 520-3633 so our legal representatives can help you.