SS promises faster processing of disability claims for veterans

The Social Security Administration, in celebration of this year’s Veterans Day, has found a way to speed up the processing of a Social Security disability benefit claim for retired military personnel.

According to the SSA, getting money to veterans is easy when they use a computer link to medical records at the Veterans Administration. This link allows the SSA to access veterans’ medical records from the VA within minutes, rather then the weeks or months required if the job is done manually. Documentation of a medical condition is an important part of the process of finding out if a person is eligible for disability benefits. That’s why the SSA’s new move is so essential to the task of fast-tracking the processing of Social Security disability benefit applications. Social Security has received criticism for processing most of its claims manually. In a bid to gain access to medical records electronically, the SSA is working with 50 other government agencies, including the United States Department of Defense.

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