What the Average American Receives in Monthly Social Security Benefits

Monthly payouts of Social Security benefits vary by recipient type, so here’s a breakdown of the average amount of Social Security benefits each recipient receives per month and how to estimate what you might receive.

About 72% of Social Security benefit recipients are collecting retirement benefits, either because of their own work record or the work record of their spouse or parent. 43.8 million retired workers are receiving $1,349.59 monthly; 2.4 million spouses of retired workers are receiving $700.82 monthly; and 600,000 children of retired workers are receiving $652 monthly.

About 10% of Social Security beneficiaries are receiving survivor benefits. That is, they are receiving benefits on behalf of a deceased relative or guardian. They are composed of 1.9 million children of deceased workers receiving $832.78 monthly; 100,000 widowed parents of dependent children receiving $942.62 monthly; 300,000 disabled widowers receiving $716.95 monthly; and 3.8 million non-disabled widowers receiving $1,293.24 monthly.

Last but not the least, 18% of Social Security recipients obtain disability benefits, and they are composed of 10.7 million disabled workers who receive $1,166.41 monthly; 100,000 spouses of disabled workers who receive $322.56 monthly; and 1.7 million children of disabled workers who receive $351.29 monthly.

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