Advice for couples claiming Social Security benefits

Albuquerque, New Mexico-based REDW Stanley Financial Advisors senior financial planner David Cechanowicz said that a person who is receiving monthly Social Security disability benefits has good news for their spouse – the partner can claim spousal benefits as soon as they reach 62 years of age.

Spousal benefits are limited to 50% of a person’s primary insurance amount (PIA) – or the benefit (before rounding down to next lower whole dollar) a person would receive if they decide to begin receiving retirement benefits at their normal retirement age.

Cechanowicz tells prospective benefit recipients, “If you were to wait until age 70, your retirement benefit should be at least $2,904 per month, without cost-of-living increases. All spousal benefits and benefits for all auxiliary beneficiaries are lost during periods of suspension,” meaning families have to decide whether they want current household income or ultimate survivor benefits.

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