Judge accused of making offensive descriptions during hearings

John Pleuss, an administrative law judge in charge of deciding Social Security disability claims, was accused of making offensive physical descriptions of claimants.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Pleuss made crude descriptions of the people who came to his court for federal disability assistance in his notes. He described one person as a “very black, African-looking woman (actually a gorilla-like appearance).” Another description that Pleuss made of a claimant was “young, white, female; long brown hair; attractive; looks innocent.” The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel interviewed people who worked in Pleuss’ office in Madison to confirm that the notes were indeed written by Pleuss.

The notes were first covered by a conservative website called Wisconsin Watchdog. Association of Administrative Law Judges President Marilyn Zahm said Pleuss’ notes were “shorthand descriptions” that he used to familiarize himself with a case. She said the descriptions were taken out of context.

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