Muncie woman gets three years for stealing children’s disability benefits

Fifty-five-year-old Muncie, Indiana resident Kimberly Harper received a three year prison sentence for stealing almost $200,000 in Social Security disability benefits. The benefits belonged to her children, but instead of providing her kids with housing and food, Harper spent the money selfishly.

According to United States Attorney Josh Minkler, Harper did not provide proper care for her children and left them under the care of her parents for years, disregarding them for almost 20 years. Instead of caring for them, Minkler said, “she stole from them, including her son who was born with a severe mental disability.” Court documents showed that Harper stopped caring for her four children – including one who suffers from a severe form of autism – when they were toddlers in the 1990’s, but she continued raking in money from food stamps, public housing, and disability services.

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