Long waits for those appealing for disability benefits

Social Security Administration (SSA) deputy commissioner for disability and adjudication review, Theresa Gruber, claims that the number of people who were denied Social Security disability benefits and are waiting for the agency to re-hear their cases has officially risen to 1.1 million. The SSA officially admitted that the situation can now be classified as a “crisis.”

Gruber said that people who file for Social Security disability benefits must often wait at least 525 days – at least a year and a half – before Social Security judges can decide on their case. Some of these people fail to qualify for health insurance in the meantime, causing them to “experience significant worsening in their conditions.” Gruber said others passed away while waiting for SSA to decide on their Social Security disability benefit request or appeal. The backlog has risen because over the years more and more people began applying for disability benefits, but the SSA does not have sufficient resources to hire more judges. The agency is currently short around 400 judges.

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