SSD applicants experience long waiting times for claim approvals

Many Americans who file for Social Security disability benefit claims have complained that they have to endure long waiting times before they can be approved for much needed disability benefits, and applicants waiting for appeals have an even longer line to wait through.

Such has been the case of applicant Sherice Bennett, who was forced to stop working due to difficulties associated with diabetes, arthritis, and an open-heart surgery. Bennett became homeless after having to wait two years before even being given the opportunity to convince a judge that she qualified for federal disability benefits.

Another Miami man died two months before his case even made it in front of Judge Thomas Snook, who approved the man’s claim to benefits that his widow will now collect.

These discouraging wait times are a very real problem faced by millions of Social Security Disability applicants across the country, and the attorney at the Hankey Law Office in Indianapolis understand that your needs must be met as soon as possible. To speak to our legal team about your options, call (800) 520-3633 today.