People with disability benefits may have trial work period

A person receiving Social Security disability benefits may attempt to go back to work through a trial work period while still receiving benefits, the Grand Forks Herald reported on May 16.

The recipient must alert the SSA of any work income. A trial work period is incentive for disability recipients to try to get back into the workforce. For a nine month period, you may receive full benefits while earning work income. Additionally, the nine months do not need to be consecutive but rather consist of nine months within a consecutive 60 month period. A minimum of $780 earned or more will generally count as a trial month.

At the end of the trial, your income will be reviewed to see if constitutes substantial gainful activity (SGA); earnings typically must be at least $1,090 per month to qualify. This is when benefits will stop being paid. If the SGA drops within a certain time period, benefits can be reinstated without a new SSDI application.

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