U.S. Congress pushing for legislation to help those with disabilities

The United States Congress is on the verge of passing legislation that could significantly impact the lives of people with disabilities – legislation that has been sought after for more than two decades – called Achieving a Better Life Experience or ABLE, WDRB reported on December 8.

The proposed ABLE Act would make it possible for people with disabilities or special needs to open tax-free savings accounts of up to $100,000 to pay for expenses such as medical bills, housing, and transportation, among others, without losing their government benefits.

Republicans in both houses of Congress pushed for the enactment of this proposal on December 6 in their weekly address. It got passed in the House of Representatives and is now pending Senate approval.

It is not yet clear, however, whether the bill will be acted on during the current lame duck session or whether it will have to be discussed next year when Senator Jim McConnell (Republican of Louisville), one of the bill’s proponents, becomes Senate Majority Leader.

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