Social Security IG reveals errors among disability judges

The Social Security Administration’s Inspector General’s report showed that a large proportion of Social Security disability cases granted by some judges had no “well-supported rationale,” paving the way for further investigation into the program, The Wall Street Journal reported on November 14.

The report stated that out of 275 cases reviewed, only 31 had been “properly processed.” Approximately 200 of the cases had “quality issues,” while 28 cases were missing information entirely. SSA spokeswoman LaVenia Lavelle said their agency has increased the quality of oversight over the years and is continuing to do so.

Actuaries earlier commented that the Social Security Disability Insurance trust fund will be depleted by 2016 unless Congress enacts legislation that will allow the government to inject money into the fund.

Some have argued that SSA judges are under pressure to approve cases quickly because they are facing a huge backlog of appeals.

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