Student debt taken from Social Security benefits

A report from Congress’s research arm, the Government Accountability Office, released on September 10 showed that 155,000 Americans have had their Social Security benefits cut in the fiscal year 2013 due to defaulting on their student loan payments, the Wall Street Journal reported.

GAO reported that 71% of those whose benefits were cut in 2013 had been receiving disability benefits. According to the report, most of the debt was held by Americans who borrowed for their own student loans and not for their children or grandchildren. The report also stated that the older Americans had the highest rates of defaulted loans.

Opposition to this benefit garnishment stated the government should not take money from people who clearly are unable to work.

A person who has worked for a certain length of time and can be categorized as disabled by the Social Security Administration can be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. If you need help filing in Indianapolis, call the attorneys of the Hankey Law Office by dialing (800) 520-3633 today.