‘Compassionate allowances’ speed up Social Security disability application process

An SSA program called “compassionate allowances” puts those who suffer from certain conditions on the application fast track for benefits, the Chicago Tribune reported on May 14.

The SSA’s program will ensure that people suffering from certain disabilities, including various cancers and heart diseases, will gain priority status when it comes to the review of their application. As of December 2013, the average monthly benefit was $1,146. The program apparently began in 2008 to serve as a way for those who needed it most to receive benefits from the government, but it remains unknown to a lot of people. The list of eligible conditions numbers 225, but this number will only increase.

If you have become unable to earn your daily living due to contracting a disease or becoming impaired due to an accident, Social Security disability benefits can go a long way towards supplementing you and your family’s income. Receive assistance from our attorneys at the Hankey Law Office regarding this matter by dialing (317) 634-8565 today.