Increase in number of Social Security disability beneficiaries halted?

According to The Wall Street Journal,  the steady increase in the number of Americans applying for and obtaining Social Security disability benefits seems to have come to a halt. Since 2004, the number of beneficiaries has increased by 42%. Recently, however, this number has not been growing.

In March 2013, the number of Social Security disability beneficiaries amounted to 10,939,936. Surprisingly, the number of beneficiaries seems to have peaked, with numbers in December 2013 showing 10,988,269 beneficiaries and then 10,981,423 by the time March 2014 rolled in.

The Social Security Disability Insurance program, one of the government’s largest public assistance programs, distributes nearly $140 billion a year to its members.

Budget watchers are predicting that the program’s funds may be depleted by the time 2016 or 2017 comes around.

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