Man who obtained Social Security benefits by posing as a blind person to serve jail time

Lawrence Popp, 58, of Greendale was charged for fraud after pretending to be blind and collecting around $175,000 in social security disability (SSD) benefits. He will spend one year in federal prison and be subject to numerous fines.

The Social Security Administration and Internal Revenue Service confirmed that Popp wasn’t actually blind after reviewing surveillance footage. Popp had apparently used his disability money to establish businesses and buy expensive products and services.

Despite what Popp claimed, records showed that he was actually able to read printed matter, use his cell phone, and drive various vehicles without any supervision.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Gordon Giampietro, the prosecuting attorney, recommended that Popp be jailed for two years.  However, Popp’s lawyer sought the minimum sentence of probation, pleading that Popp had continuing health problems.

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