Majority of Americans eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits

A recent report released by Allsup states that a majority of workers in the U.S. are eligible to receive Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) in 2013, based on their work history. This report was backed by the Social Security Administration’s data analysis in 2012, which showed that around 148 million out of 195 million people are eligible for disability insurance benefits. SSDI coverage expanded from 66% last year to 76% this year as more people fulfilled the work requirements.

Allsup personal financial planning manager Tricia Blazier did say that, despite millions of U.S. workers being eligible for benefits, a significant number remain ineligible to obtain SSDI benefits.

Allsup reiterated that the amount of SSDI coverage a worker is entitled to get depends upon his or her work history.

In order to receive much-needed disability benefits, applicants have to meet several requirements. To learn more about these requirements and filing an application in Indianapolis, speak with a lawyer from the Hankey Law Office today by calling 317-634-8565.