False Social Security claims cause problems for program, according to House probe

House investigators recently stated that many disability claims that may not be legitimate have been approved by the Social Security agency, in addition to stating that follow-up reviews to monitor claimants are often not being completed. Many representatives believe that it is due to these problems and other factors that the Social Security Disability program is close to reaching insolvency.

In a letter submitted by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, investigators stated that people continue to receive federal disability claims even though they are not entitled to the assistance any longer. But a spokesperson for the agency said the legal definition of disability is being followed strictly before they award any benefits.However, the agency did acknowledge that there are over 1 million claim reviews that need to be completed, something which hasn’t been done due to alleged budget cuts.

Almost 11 million individuals with disabilities currently receive disability benefits from Social Security, providing disabled workers with a monthly average of $1,130.

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