Sandy prevents many from receiving Social Security checks

For many who don’t live in the New England area severely hit by Hurricane Sandy, the event may seem like a distant memory. But for those who’ve lived through it, life is still not fully back to normal. Disrupted mail service in the area has prevented hundreds of thousands of Social Security recipients from receiving their monthly check, Reuters reports.

Despite the fact that nearly 94 percent of all Social Security checks are made through electronic payment, the Social Security Administration reports that 229,000 New York residents, 92,000 New Jersey residents, and 43,000 Connecticut residents still rely on paper checks.

Those who have still not be able to receive their checks can go to the post office to pick them up. Recipients will have to switch to either direct deposit, to a ETA bank or credit union, or to a DirectExpress debit card by March 1st, 2013. Beneficiaries over the age of 90 or those who have filled out a waiver request are exempt from the transfer.

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