Workers’ Compensation and Falling Objects

If you work in an occupation that involves heights, such as construction or manufacturing, your susceptibility to injury may be greater than those who don’t work in such environments. One danger of these types of jobs is falling objects, which may accidentally fall down from heights and strike an unsuspecting worker, usually causing serious injury. Although many of the reported falling object accidents occur in construction and manufacturing-related occupations, if you are injured by a falling object at work, it’s important that you know that you might be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits regardless of your industry.

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Common Falling Objects

In many jobs, workers have to complete projects while operating at great heights. In such situations, the possibility of objects falling and injuring workers below is much greater. Some common falling objects that could endanger a worker include:

  • Building material
  • Tools / equipment
  • Other workers
  • Scaffolding

If these objects/people fall on top of another worker, he or she could be seriously injured and may need the financial benefits of workers’ compensation in order to adequately recover.

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