Workers’ Compensation And Disability Applications

Individuals who are injured on the job may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits from their employer to help provide financial assistance for medical bills and lost wages. While many workers eventually recover from their injuries, some may experience lifelong symptoms that will not go away. Persons who experience severe injuries may find that they are eligible for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Individuals who suffer serious injuries may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. If you believe you may qualify for disability compensation, contact the Indianapolis Social Security lawyers of the Hankey Law Office at 317-634-8565 today.

Applying for Disability

Injured employees who are still receiving workers’ compensation benefits may not be aware of their legal options regarding disability compensation. People who are receiving benefits from their workers’ compensation claim may still file a disability claim, even if their workers’ compensation has not run out.

In fact, it is recommended that people who are eligible for disability compensation file their claim as soon as possible to avoid a long gap in financial assistance. It may take several months for the application to be accepted and for benefits to begin, so it is wise to apply for disability as soon as the injury occurs.

Contact an Indianapolis Social Security Attorney

Serious injuries that occur in the workplace may have a lasting effect on the person’s overall health, wellness, and ability to work. If you have suffered injuries at work and feel you may be eligible for Social Security disability compensation, contact the Indianapolis Social Security attorneys of the Hankey Law Office at 317-634-8565.