Work Sharing and Disability

The greatest economic disaster since the Great Depression has put millions of people out of work as businesses are forced to downsize or close. For employees who live with a serious disability, losing a job can mean risking their wellbeing. Although disability assistance from the government can help them support themselves, losing a job can mean losing health benefits and other necessities.

Many people who have suffered a debilitating injury are only able to return to work because their employers are able to accommodate their disabilities. For example, someone who was injured doing construction work may be unable to do physical labor anymore. If he or she is fortunate, his or her employer will be able to find a position that does not require strenuous physical activity.

In addition to the standard disability and unemployment programs, the government also has a number of “work sharing” programs. Under these programs, employers can move an employee to part-time or less demanding work, rather than letting him or her go. To compensate for the loss in wages, the employee receives government benefits. This lets the employer retain a valuable employee while saving money.

Disability benefits from the government can help you after losing your job, as can unemployment benefits. If you are disabled, these programs can help you take care of yourself until you find a new line of work. However, you may also be able to work out a work sharing agreement with your employer.

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