What is a Disability?

Our perception of what a disability is has progressed over time. Originally, any disability was thought to be an indication of a sin or some moral shortcoming. Fortunately, with the advent of modern medicine, this view faded from prominence.

Many of our current definitions of disability were created by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Under this act, a person must have some sort of physical or mental impairment that limits major life activities substantially. This impairment must be on record and the person must be regarded as having being impaired.

Some common areas of disability include:

  • Visual disability
  • Physical disability
  • Hearing/Auditory Disability
  • Speech Disabilities
  • Mobility and Dexterity Impairments

There are a variety of other disabilities that qualify. Some are tied to a specific disease or condition while others are much less specific and might not have a specific cause. Overall, the government recognizes that there are numerous reasons that a person with some sort of ailment may not be able to work or maintain a job for gainful employment.

A person with a disability has many options for federal assistance and may have options to help pay for dependent children. Social Security Disability Income is an option that any disabled person who is unable to work needs to consider.

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