Understanding Disability Claims

It is no secret that the vast majority of Social Security disability insurance claims are turned down by the Social Security Administration the first time they are submitted. While many people feel that this is because the majority of claims are legitimate, that has nothing to do with it in many cases.

The top reason a claim is turned down by the SSA is that it has insufficient evidence or documentation. The SSA requires that a vast amount of information be provided both by the individual claiming the insurance and the individual’s doctors. Medical reports, test results, and other related documents must all be submitted for review by the SSA’s review board. Unfortunately, many people do not have all of the paperwork that the SSA asks for assembled or even in their possession the first time through.

Another common reason for a claim being turned down is that it was not given enough review time by the individual reviewing it. The doctors and others who review claims for the SSA are expected to go through an average number of claims per hour. If they are concerned that they might not meet their average, they may spend less time examining the submitted evidence in order to turn it down and say they got through the reports.

Finally, some claims, may fail to show that an individual is really disabled. In other words, they do not make a convincing argument for disability.

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