The Four Levels of Social Security Appeals

Applicants who file for Social Security disability benefits may be disappointed to find out that their initial claim has been denied by the Social Security Administration (SSA). It is important to realize that the application process for disability benefits allows for an extensive appeals process through which you may be able to prove your eligibility.

There are typically four levels of appeals that an applicant may pursue to prove their need for Social Security disability benefits. If your benefits claim has been denied by the SSA, consult an experienced Indianapolis Social Security disability benefits lawyer of the Hankey Law Office at 317-634-8565 today.

The Social Security Appeals Process

Appealing a disability application decision may involve one or more of the following four levels:

  • Reconsideration – by which your application is reviewed by a person who was not involved in the initial decision
  • Administrative hearing – a legal hearing in front of an administrative law judge, during which witnesses may testify and face questioning about the validity of claims
  • Appeals Council – an appeals council may review the decision made during the administrative hearing
  • Federal Court – if you feel you have been wrongly denied disability benefits, you may choose to file a lawsuit in federal court.

Contact a Social Security Disability Attorney

For assistance with a disability claim or help with a Social Security disability appeal, contact the Indianapolis Social Security lawyers of the Hankey Law Office at 317-634-8565.