The Four Areas of Functioning: Part 2

Any social security judge that is handed an application or case concerning an individual’s eligibility for disability social security will be given the task of evaluating four crucial areas of functioning. The first two, as discussed in another article, are daily living skills and social functioning. The other two, concentration and decompensation, are discussed here.

Concentration, Persistence, or Pace

An individual’s ability to concentrate on a specific task and focus on one thing until it is complete is very important. In addition, a person’s pace is equally important in the workplace. Most employers are not interested in hiring people that are either unable to complete a task in a timely manner or cannot focus on a single task and see it through until it is done.

Lots of people are known to start projects and never finish them. This is not the same. A person who starts an important project and never finishes the project because his or her mind wanders has a significant deficiency in the ability concentrate and are unable to work.

Episodes of Deterioration or Decompensation

When people become stressed out or angry, the natural response is to relax and refocus, hopefully in a productive manner, and move on. Decompensation means that a person who is stressed or feels stress in a particular situation withdraws from the situation. The other response is to blow up all of a sudden when a minor thing doesn’t go exactly right. Frequent “explosions” or episodes of retreat into a shell while at work are not good things. They make it very difficult to work in an office situation and may prevent a person from holding a job.

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