Survivors’ Benefits for Minors and Disabled Children

America’s hard-working citizens contribute part of their income to the Social Security fund to help their fellow Americans and to receive their own retirement benefits when they are ready to leave the workforce. When people receiving Social Security benefits pass away, their loved ones may be eligible for survivors’ benefits. Although we often think of widows and widowers as the primary recipients, children who are still minors or who became disabled before the age of 22 can also receive benefits.

Survivors’ benefits from Social Security have already helped millions of people recover financially from the loss of a loved one. In many cases, especially with elderly widows and widowers, survivors’ benefits can be the only thing keeping them from poverty. But minor and disabled children can also suffer without the assistance of survivors’ benefits. If you are under 18 or became disabled while under parental care before the age of 22, you may qualify for benefits after your parent’s passing.

The exact benefits you stand to receive depend on your parent’s income, and can vary depending on your age and other factors. For comparison, widows and widowers who are at full retirement age or older are entitled to 100% of their deceased spouse’s Social Security benefits. Children are typically entitled to 75% of their parent’s benefits. Those are general estimates, however, and can vary. Only an experienced Social Security lawyer can help you make sure you get the benefits you need.

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