Substantial Gainful Activity

Disability affects around 36 million individuals in the United States, many of whom rely on Social Security disability benefits to support themselves. Getting Social Security disability benefits can be a difficult process, and many who apply are turned down every year. One of the reasons people are often turned down is the ability to perform what is called substantial gainful activity.

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What is Substantial Gainful Activity?

Substantial gainful activity is defined as work that someone is able to perform which requires a certain level of physical and mental ability and which is gainful, meaning it brings, or is meant to bring, a certain level of income. Some important things to keep in mind about substantial gainful activity include:

  • The amount of income which qualifies as substantial gainful activity varies with the national wage average index. For the year 2012, the amount was $1010 per month.
  • The income threshold for substantial gainful activity is higher for individuals who are blind. In 2012, the monthly amount was $1690
  • Even if your disability is severe enough to meet the other requirements in the Social Security listing of impairments, doing substantial gainful activity will disqualify you from receiving benefits
  • Work does not necessarily have to be full time in order to qualify as substantial gainful activity

If a person is determined to be performing this type of work while they are applying for benefits, they will likely be turned down.

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