Start and Duration of Disability Benefits

When an individual begins the application process for Social Security disability benefits, he or she should pay close attention to the application requirements and the required deadlines for paperwork and hearings. If an application has been reviewed and benefits have been granted, many individuals wonder when their benefits will start and how long they will last.

Although most disability cases are unique to the individual and vary based on the circumstances surrounding the individual’s disability, there are a few general rules that govern the start and duration of benefits. If you would like more information regarding Social Security and disability, contact the Indianapolis Social Security disability lawyers of the Hankey Law Office at 317-634-8565.

Disability Benefits

Individuals should not expect to receive disability benefits until the application process has been completed and their case has been fully reviewed. This often includes the remittance of all required paperwork and may include hearings and further investigation of the applicant’s claim. Payments are not typically granted until the individual has been legally disabled for at least five months. The first disability payments are typically made on the sixth month of disability, or a month after the claim has been fully reviewed and accepted.

The duration of disability payments depends on the severity of the injury and the subsequent recovery (if any) of the individual. Benefits typically last as long as the condition prevents the individual from working and earning an adequate income. The individual’s medical condition is frequently reviewed for changes in status, and it is the individual’s responsibility to report on improvements in his or her condition.

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