Speech and Hearing Disorders

Speech and hearing disorders are a class of medical conditions affecting a person’s ability to speak or hear. They come in many forms, resulting from many different causes, but they can all cause serious limitations in a person’s ability to function typically in daily life. When speech and hearing disorders become severe, people living with them may qualify for disability benefits from Social Security.

Social Security Assistance

Many people take their hearing and speech for granted. Only when they become impaired do we truly realize how much we rely on hearing and speaking. Although many deaf and hard-of-hearing people have learned how to speak and lip-read very well, they may still face serious challenges when communicating with people who have typical hearing levels.

If you or someone you love suffers from a serious loss of speaking and/or hearing abilities, you may qualify for disability benefits from Social Security. Loss of speech that can be heard, understood, or sustained is often enough to meet the medical requirements for Social Security regardless of the underlying cause.

Hearing loss must generally be severe to qualify for disability. There are some conditions (such as Meniere’s disease) where the severity of hearing loss in any given month can vary, but with a gradual loss of hearing over time. This can also include conditions where hearing loss may not yet be severe, but where there is no known cure.

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