Social Security Fraud

Like any program, there are always people willing to take advantage of a program that they are not technically eligible for. When people take advantage of social security disability, they are taking advantage of a program designed to help people that really need help or assistance.

Social security fraud happens when a person fakes or exaggerates an injury of some sort in an effort to receive social security payments. This can happen when a person fakes a back injury or any other injury that is severe enough, in theory, to qualify for disability.

If the injury doesn’t exist at all or to the degree that is really needed for disability, it is a type of fraud to claim the disability payments. Another instance of fraud is when people claim that they are handicapped and require a handicapped sticker but are really not handicapped. Handicapped spots are intended for truly handicapped people just like social security is intended for people that are truly disabled.

This is not to say that people who are refused the first time through are committing fraud if they then go through the appeals process and are approved. This is not fraud. More than 75% of all social security claims are rejected the first time through, regardless of how genuine the claim is. Fraud exists if the person makes up or grossly exaggerates a minor injury or illness to qualify for social security.

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