Social Security Disability in 2009

Baby boomers have recently been left wondering about their security. The application to receive Social Security and Social Security disability benefits will see some changes in 2009.

Longer Lines

The strains on the Social Security system will continue to be stretched as more people in the baby boomer generation hit 65 yrs old. This combined with the increased pressures and demands that the average workers apply to themselves, will create even longer waits to win disability benefits.

Possible Changes

It is very likely that the Social Security Administration will be searching for ways to stretch and replenish their diminishing resources in 2009. That means more discussions towards pushing back the retirement age, income indexing of retirement benefits. This could even possibly include increasing the amount of earned income subject to Social Security tax.

Applying for Disability Benefits

Brace yourself. What will be different in 2009 about applying for disability benefits is that the lines are getting longer while the number of applicants is increasing. This could mean increased frustration for you, as more than half of Social Security disability applicants are denied disability benefits at the initial application level.

If you or someone you love needs to file a Social Security disability claim or appeal, it is wise to put these matters in the hands of a trusted representative. An attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in Social Security law can make a difference in your claim or appeal.

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