Social Security and Personal Changes

It is an unfortunate truth that the financial woes facing the world economy have put pressure on the Social Security system. It is now more difficult than ever to successfully apply for disability assistance from the Social Security Administration. If you receive disability benefits and need to modify your current payments, you may need the assistance of an Indianapolis Social Security lawyer.

There are many reasons that a person may need to modify his or her Social Security payments. For example, you may have recently been forced to stop working or begin working only part-time. You may have experienced recent changes in your marital status or household living arrangement. All of these can impact the amount of benefits you receive, for better or for worse.

Unfortunately, there are relatively few conditions in which you may qualify for payment increases. Even if your condition worsens, you are not necessarily eligible to receive additional money. As a result, people sometimes consider not reporting changes in their circumstances to SSA, reasoning that they have more to lose by doing so. It is important to note that this is false – failure to report changes in your life or health can lead to a conviction of Social Security fraud, which is harshly penalized.

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If your health leaves you unable to work, you may be eligible for disability aid from the Social Security Administration. Even if your claim was denied the first time, changes in your condition can affect the decision reached by the SSA this time. The Indianapolis social security lawyers of the Hankey Law Office can help you maximize your chances of receiving the full disability aid you need.

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